Are you looking to buy a new or little used car? Here at AW AUTO we can help You with all the aspects of such purchase. We offer all brand and model cars on bases of individual orders – we will find the best fit for your needs in configuration and budget!

There are three alternatives to be able to order a car: Filling out an order form; Contacting us via telephone; Meeting us in person.

The following information must be stated in the order form: Make, model, body style, fuel type, transmission type, additional features, maximum price as well as your contact details – name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address.

Once received a request from you, we will send car offers that meets the requirements provided in order form within two business days (excluding public holidays). We will also contact you once the offer is being sent in order to confirm the receipt of it.

Once the car that meets all the requirements is found, a detailed testing of the technical and visual condition, service history, and thorough investigation regarding the possible previous thefts or accidents will be done.

An agreement of the order will be signed once all the information is acquired and the order is confirmed. An advance payment in an amount of 15 percent of the agreement sum will be applied.

A transportation to Riga will be performed within 10 business days (excluding public holidays).

Once the verification of the offer according to the requirements provided in the order form is made, the remaining amount of the agreed sum is paid.

It is also possible have the remaining amount of the total payment financed by Latvian leasing companies.

We guarantee individual approach to each client, legal origin of the car and clearly defined requirements and the procedure to order a car

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